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Lesson #7 – How to avoid scams

Series - Part 7 of 7

  How to identify false advertisment There are a million products available on the net. Many catch your attention with headlines like: “Earn $584 in just one hour” Be alerted with these kind of promo offers. They are selling you a super secret tip. This super trick is descibed in a few pages PDF file.

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Magic Youtube Xtractor Review

Youtube gets 1 billion visitors every month. 100h of video are uploaded every minute. It is the second most popular search engine. Thousands of channels makes six-figures per year by monetizing their videos. If you followed my “how to make money on youtube” guide you already know a lot about profitable niches and keywords. With

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Best Newsletter Software: Sendy

What is Sendy? Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable newsletters 100x cheaper via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). Complete with reports, subscriber and list management.   Who needs Sendy? Sendy is built for email marketers and bloggers who want to keep full control over their expenses and subscribers.

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WSO ‘Authority Solo Ads’ Review

RosaMissList released a WSO at warriorforum explaining Solo Ads and provides resources to build your own email marketing channel. Let’s see what it includes.   Presentation: You get a login which grants access to a mobile ready online page – divided into a few pages with total around 2000 words. No PDF is offered to download for your own

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Lesson #6 – Get your first Visitors

Series - Part 6 of 7

before starting with todays topic I`d like you to give yourself a pat on the back. You have already selected your own niche which you are focusing you internet marketing efforts on. You have already picked several affiliate offers you will promote to make money. You have already set up your own website Most people

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Buzzbundle Review

There`s a lot of hype recently about Link-Assistant’s (SEO powersuite, Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass) new tool: BUZZBUNDLE Time for a closer look if it`s really that great. I spend a few weeks now playing around with that software so let`s get started with the Buzzbundle Review:   Why BuzzBundle? Social media gets more important

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Lesson #5 – Create Content

Series - Part 5 of 7

  You now got your niche, we got a domain or hosting plan; installed WordPress and can start filling our website with content.   Important things you should keep in mind when creating content: Identify your audience and what they want (remember the problem\solution concept) Your content strategy cannot be “build it and they will

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Lesson #4 – Coaching and online resources

Series - Part 4 of 7

Every online marketer needs a toolbox – here is my personal collection of websites and software I am using: I continually work on that page and add new tools regularly. The Marketing Links Section is a collection of various websites which may help you to understand and build an online business.   A few sites and tools

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Lesson #3 – How to Build a Website

Series - Part 3 of 7

Today we are going through domains and webhosting and how to build a website: You have 2 main choices, hosted and self hosted. Hosted means you build a site as part of another site, such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger or Weebly. You can also build a Facebook Fanpage to promote relevant products. This can be

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Lesson #2 – where to find affiliate products?

Series - Part 2 of 7

With Lesson 2 I introduce you to affiliate marketing. You picked a niche / subniche yesterday.   Now we need to find affiliate products to promote. Affiliate marketing means that we send buyers to a product and if a sale is made we get a share of the revenue. Many sites selling services, software and products offer their

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