Lesson #1 – find a Niche Market

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What you will learn in the upcoming posts:


STEP 1: Find a niche


Choosing the correct niche is important. It will determine how successful you are as an affiliate. You need to make sure there is enough market interest in your particular niche and there are products to promote.

Which niche you choose is entirely up to you but there are 2 main ways to approach this:

  1. You can choose a niche that you have an interest in or you’re familiar with. This is fine but remember that you need to ensure there is a large demand for paid products in the niche. Your aim is to make money and as much as you may have set your heart on a certain niche, you must make sure you can earn from it.
  2. The better option is to find a popular niche which is hungry for info and offer them quality solutions to their problems. There needs to be lot of products available, preferable at different prices, so you can promote to all your visitors who will have different needs.

Don’t worry about finding good info regarding any niche, as a Google search will give you a ton of info you can use to learn from, along with re-writing to use on your own site.

The biggest mistake I see people making is trying to sell something that nobody wants. Even with brilliant marketing you can’t sell snow to Eskimos.

The market you choose must be something you already know more about than 95% of people, want to know more about, and/or something that’s enjoyable!

The market must be fanatical. They simply cannot get enough.

The market must be actively LOOKING for a solution. They must be experiencing some sort of urgent problem that they want to solve.
It`s important you carefully research your niche and its competition.

Now let’s find a niche and open these two sites:


Scroll through the categories.
Both the Dummies Store and Clickbank already contain proven niches.
They’ve done all the hard work for you.

Find a subniche which is not too specific.
Example: Your main niche is bodybuilding. A working subniche would be “six pack training”
“six pack training for men between 40 and 50 living in texas” would be a bit too specific. You get the idea.

Your homework for DAY 1

  1. Go to the For Dummie’s Store and look around.
  2. Select 1 subniche to focus on.
  3. Go to the Clickbank marketplace and see if there are products already selling in your niche. If not this is a BIG warning sign!
  4. Go to Google and type in different variations of your keywords. If there are NO advertisements this is another warning sign! Almost always, a lack of ads means that the niche is not profitable.
  5. Pick a subniche (example: main niche: betting systems -> subniche: football, horse racing, poker, soccer) Remember — you want FANATICS! People that are so obsessed with getting abs, making more money, making a million dollars in forex, catching bigger fish, attracting hot girls\boys, getting a boyfriend/girlfriend back, etc.


That`s it for today.

Go ahead with Lesson 2 tomorrow.

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