Lesson #7 – How to avoid scams

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How to identify false advertisment

There are a million products available on the net. Many catch your attention with headlines like:

“Earn $584 in just one hour”
Be alerted with these kind of promo offers. They are selling you a super secret tip.

This super trick is descibed in a few pages PDF file. It is just one little piece of the whole marketing concept.

I`d like to give you a simple example:

I could write a guide which describes how to make $584 in 10 minutes.
That sounds great but is just false advertisment.

Imagine I would tell you that you can do that money with the right google adwords campaign and clearly explain how to setup an adwords campaign. PDF done, sell it. But knowing how to create an adwords campaign doesn’t make you any money.

To make these profits it requires marketing knowledge. You need to be an adwords expert, have a deep understanding of split testing, tracking and huge budgets to split-test your headlines and landing pages. Next is a working product which has been tested with your campaign traffic. You require outstanding copywritings in your ad-campaign with optimized call-to-action text, a working sales funnel etc. etc.

This is just the icetip of required knowledge how to make huge money with adwords. It is possible but not for beginners. Though newbies will jump on this quickly.
They hope for a silver bullet and a magic button which makes a fortune over night. Imagine that would exist – how long would it take till it is shared through all social networks and everybody is doing it? Less than 24h I guess. Is this the fact? No. It will never happen. Every business concept requires work. There is EASY work and there is HARD work but NO work just does not exist.


Why we like to buy products which promise a fortune

From the recent lessons:  Have you posted in your niche forum? Is your website ready? No?
Why would you be able to earn money with that super trick sold for $97 – It requires work too. You are getting my course for free. Why would you take action with the $97 guide?

It`s easier to follow a dream, spend some money and expect a silver bullet to make money.

I read through A LOT of resources when I started and did NOT take action – I quickly got lost in that information flood and had no idea where to start. Pick one idea and master that before you start something new. If you see a great sales page you may get distracted too easily. The copywriting is tested and fine tuned for maximum results and you’re just a click away to get an even better way to make money. This is the sole purpose of a sales page. Impress you with life-changing promises if you buy the product.


Keep that in mind before buying:


Stay away from products like:

The WarriorSpecialOffer (WSO) forum has endless products – sold for less than $20. There are many marketers selling useless PDFs (also outsourced) to newbies who are taken in by great copywritings and fake testimonials. Think before you buy anything! If it sounds too good to be true possibly it is… More efforts and money has been put into the sales page and marketing than the product itself.

If you join the warroom you can get most of the PDFs and guide for free. (warroom is $97\year) A way better deal to get access to all those “ninja tricks”


I`d like to show you a well-done sales pages with a shady get-rich-quick product offer:

you need to watch like 10 minutes till you see that this is a forex trading tool. Sure you can make good money with forex trading but you will fail if you don’t know what you are doing.
There are great guides and handy tools helping you to create a profitable facebook ad campaign or make money on youtube. There`s nothing wrong with those products. You just have to find the RIGHT offer. Let’s say there are 10 youtube marketing guides available. 6 are great, 4 are incomplete or outdated. 60:40 chance :-/
Chances are low you will buy a youtube guide again if you already went with a bad one.

If you bought WSOs in the past you already know: Some were real gems and knowledge treasures or time saver, some were a waste of time.

Some marketing software is worth gold and can help you to grow your business. Though YOU need to properly use it and work with it.

Some tools are just released for a quick buck, never updated and/or over priced. We all need to make money and the internet is a wild west playground in some areas.



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