Lesson #3 – How to Build a Website

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Today we are going through domains and webhosting and how to build a website:
You have 2 main choices, hosted and self hosted.

Hosted means you build a site as part of another site, such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger or Weebly. You can also build a Facebook Fanpage to promote relevant products. This can be ok to start you off but it’s far better to go with self hosted. With the hosted option you have no real control and can risk losing your hard work if something changes. Using this tactic however can be a great add on to a self hosted site, as you can build lots of these hosted pages all pointing back to your main self hosted website (which is also known as the “moneysite”) – you can build a tiered blog network with hosted sites releveant to your main niche.


Self Hosted means you pay for webspace and a domain name. You can install WordPress very quickly and easily and find thousand’s of themes online to make your site look however you want. The site belongs to you and is under your control. It’s incredibly cost effective because with most average web hosting packages you get a huge amount of space, allowing you to build multiple websites.

I personally love working with WordPress. It`s open source, free and easy to setup.
Check this youtube video: http://youtu.be/CGg-knDtNrg It’s one hour but guides you through the very first steps from domain registrations to WordPress setup.
Hosting and Domain Name Resources:


Domain Names

Covering this topic in every detail we would need a few hours so I just give you a quick overview what’s important.

  1. Pick a *.com, .net or .org domain. Do not go with .info .to or anything else. com\net\org are the areas where we play. If the .com is gone go with .net, then .org
  2. Use keywords in your domain. sixpack.com would sell easily in $XX,XXX range. Try sixpacktrainingguide.com instead – Use common sense when looking for a domain. The shorter the better. Avoid hyphens.


Your homework for today

a) Self Hosted Website

b) free third-party hosted service


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