Lesson #4 – Coaching and online resources

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Every online marketer needs a toolbox – here is my personal collection of websites and software I am using:
I continually work on that page and add new tools regularly.

The Marketing Links Section is a collection of various websites which may help you to understand and build an online business.


A few sites and tools are for free; some require a paid subscription or one-time fee.
Though if you want to grow a serious business and quit your day job it’s worth the investment.
You can build a $10,000+\month business with an investment of a few hundred dollars. Name another business where you can reach those profits and reinvesting only 1-2% of the monthly income.
It is NOT required for this course to buy anything except a domain but a coaching program will significantly speed up your learning and earning process.


Coaching Guides

The IMPho coaching program is a great investment if you are new to internet marketing
Especially the ‘30 days to success challenge‘ is in my opinion the most complete starter pack. It would have saved me many weeks of research if I had been aware of it when I started.

I don’t want to list all features here because this would end up in a very long post. I will write a dedicated review about it soon.


If you follow my newbie guide and enjoy it the IMPho coaching will be a lifechanger if you see the values inside the member area and follow it step by step.

Your homework for today:

check out IMPho.
$27 per month and worth every penny
Tomorrow I will cover content creation for your niche website. Nobody likes empty websites so let’s get something in there.

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