Lesson #6 – Get your first Visitors

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before starting with todays topic I`d like you to give yourself a pat on the back.

Most people never get this far!!

A statment I follow religiously:

Quitters never win – Winners never quit.

Keep that in mind when your motivation is at -100.


More great news:
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Let’s continue with todays traffic topic

So by now you already know more about online marketing than most people on the net.
Let’s make money with it by driving traffic to your website.

Traffic is one of the most important parts and a daily routine. If your affiliate links and articles/blogposts are online your main job is to drive traffic to your site. There are a billion ways to get people visiting your website.

To give you an overall idea what is possible and works I listed a few methods to get traffic here

From my opinion the easiest part is forum traffic. Since you already know your audience/niche it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find the biggest and most active forum in that niche.
It should have hundreds and thousands of posts. If there are only 3 people online you should go back to ” #1 niche finding” as you possible picked a niche which is too specific or you haven’t found the right forum yet. google: “yourniche + forum” or “yourniche + board” and use your MAIN-NICHE as the search term.


Register, create your profile and start posting. After you got a few posts add a link to your website in your signature. (recheck with the forum rules)
Actively hang around in that forum. Contribute and become a part of it. Remember the authority thing I mentioned during the niche finding process? You solve 3 problems with this method. Become and authority, get traffic and build related SEO backlinks which improve your google ranking.


Imagine a forum visitor who regularly sees your great posts all over the board. You will be recognized and they all will soon or later check out your website. If that site provides even more good quality content you will make your first sales soon.

Don’t worry. It`s fun and a really great way to get started in your niche. Interact with your audience. You will also narrow down their problems while surfing the forum. Check your affiliate offers if they fit. Do not promote your affiliate offers in the forum -> spam.
Though you may refer to your articles but please recheck that with a moderator/rules if it’s allowed to post your own site. Mods are quickly annoyed if people only post to promote their own site.


Your homework for today:


There are thousands of ways to get visitors to your site. Forum traffic is easy and you will see results within 1-2 days. If you want to try out more strategies read through those proven-to-work traffic generation concepts

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