Lesson #2 – where to find affiliate products?

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With Lesson 2 I introduce you to affiliate marketing. You picked a niche / subniche yesterday.


Now we need to find affiliate products to promote. Affiliate marketing means that we send buyers to a product and if a sale is made we get a share of the revenue. Many sites selling services, software and products offer their own affiliate program. The disadvantage is you have to manually sign up to each program. It makes sense if you can drive massive sales to a single product but if you make a sale here and there the best option is to join affiliate marketplaces. Payment processing is completely handled by the marketplace and you get paid by it instead of getting your share from each individual seller.


Go to http://www.clickbank.com – the biggest affiliate/vendor marketplace and get yourself an account as an affiliate partner. (it’s free)


Clickbank is just one marketplace.
I also recommend clicksure which is just another plattform but less products:
This page explains affiliate marketing in detail so please take a minute to read through it.

Your homework for Lesson 2:

  1. signup at clickbank – optionally at clicksure
  2. Pick 3-4 products fitting into your subniche.

let me know if you got questions by leaving a comment.

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