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We will work with these Community Interest Groups:


All work in a similar way as online forums. These days you can easily find groups in almost all possible niches. Some of these groups are small while others are quite big comprising of thousands of members.
You can get highly targeted traffic through these groups and it’s almost instant traffic as well.

The only drawback with this traffic source is that it’s short lived and it dies down as your posts get buried in the pile of later posts. But this shouldn’t be your concern as you can make similar posts over and over again. Google Groups are the biggest ones but in some cases Facebook Groups may far exceed in size though.

Type your niche in the search box, and soon you’ll get a list of groups. Once you have found some groups in your niche, join as many as you like. Some of these groups can be private, so to get accepted you’ll have to make request to the group leader. You’ll find a button to make your request and usually you’ll be accepted promptly.
Regular participation in discussions and positive interactions with other group members will definitely yield great dividends. In the beginning, refrain from any kind of promotion. It’s important to first build trust, and then proceed with subtle promotion afterwards.
With Facebook groups, ensure to have a good FB page with a link that points back to your website (lead capture or money page). Contribute something of value in the groups to create some trust, credibility, and authority.
You can also create your own group and have people joining it so you can build your own audience. Make a pinned post or announcement in your group with link pointing back to your site. Once created, invite some friends to start the group.

And as you participate in other groups, ask people to join your group. Instead of direct promotion, I would suggest to first get these prospects on your mailing list by offering a valuable free gift. Once you get them on your list, you can promote to them unlimited offers in your follow ups. If you use this method properly, these groups alone can provide you with all the leads and sales you need. According to my experience, spending 1-2 hours per day on these groups will bring you enough traffic to start the ball rolling. You can make $500/day by driving traffic from Groups. You just need to be consistent, persistent and be patient (a converting money site is required for sure). If you can’t handle the posting work yourself, you can outsource it. Hire freelancers and train them according to the requirements of your niche.

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