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What is a Guest Post?

Guest posting (posting articles on related blogs) is an easy way to get more traffic to your website and the traffic can be instant if done well.

For best results to get free guest post traffic:
For best results when doing guest posting, only submit your article to sites that are also receiving good traffic themselves – sites global rank of 100,000 and below. (check at Also ensure to read the site’s submission rules so that you can write your articles according to their rules. This will get your article accepted and posted on their site quicker. Check out my guide on How to write great content

It’s good to contact site owner first before submitting article to them. Ask them how soon they will publish your article once submitted. Follow up with email  after submitting your articles to them and let them know that you have submitted the article if you don’t get an confirmation email within 48h.. You can even ask them when they are likely to publish your article so you will be able to check back. This could give them a little push to help your article get published quicker.

At the bottom of each of your articles ensure to have a link back to your blog or lead capture page. You should add a strong call to action here for readers to visit your site. This is where you can give something away for free to entice them to your website. Posting articles on high authority sites makes it much more likely they’ll be found by big search engines as well.
Most websites publish articles within hours of submission, but you can confirm the time by contacting the owner. To get maximum number of visitors you should promote your
articles on forums, blogs and social media sites. You can even announce your article to your list and encourage them to share it.

Follow the above strategies and you’ll be generating a good amount of highly targeted traffic to your website in no time at all. To find guest posting sites in your niche or for your products and affiliate offers, just type into Google search “Keyword+guest posting”.

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