The Anatomy Of A Successful Autoblog

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Regardless which autoblogging plugin or software you choose, you want to create a highly organized autoblog, which includes:

Keyword Rich Categories
Each category will feature keyword specific article content, helping your blog properly rank in the search engines. It’s important to accurately organize your article content so that you can develop a SILO structure, boosting your search engine rankings.

Video Categories
If you plan on integrating video content into your autoblog, consider assigning a specific category just for your videos.

From personal experience, autoblogging plugins will crowd your pages if you combine video and articles into one segment, so to create a clean, organized structure, set your autoblogging system to publish videos into its own category.

Assign Keywords
With software like WP Robot, you’ll be able to ‘self assign” keywords, so that each time your blog automatically publishes content, your software knows what keywords to attach to your material.

If you are setting up a manual autoblogging system, you will want to spend an hour a day assigning keywords to each article or video distributed throughout your site.

Keywords help visitors find your site within the search engines, and with autoblogs, the majority of your traffic will be organic type-in and search traffic so it’s important to optimize your ranking.

Create a Specific Theme
One of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers make is in creating a generic autoblog that covers a variety of topics. Autoblogs should be treated just like regular niche blogs, so that they are themed, and focused on specific niche markets and topics.

You can expand your outreach by creating additional autoblogs that cover a wider variety of topics as your network grows, but when developing your first few autoblogs, make sure that each one is targeted towards a specific segment of your market.

Quality Control
The entire point of developing blogs on an autoblog basis is to minimize (if not entirely eliminate) your workload, but in order to develop a quality blog that can be effectively monetized, you’ll want to keep an eye on the type of content being published to your blog, ensuring that it’s relevant and targeted towards your market.

This process doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and considering how much your workload has been reduced, you can simply spend an hour or two each week going over content updates, tweaking keywords and optimizing your site as it grows.

With the majority of commercial autoblogging plugins, you’ll be able to choose between auto-publishing or manual-approval, giving you the opportunity to quickly review content prior to publication.

You can set up your autoblogging system to collect content throughout the week and then spend a couple of hours quickly scanning the content and approving it.

You want to make sure that your autoblogging system isn’t pulling promotional based content, such as ClickBank advertisements or content designed to promote specific products, because in order to monetize your blog, you want the ONLY affiliate links featured on your site to be your own!

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