Keyword Research

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Keyword Research
Once you’ve found a popular target market that appears profitable and identified the key concerns and problems of that market, you will need to do a bit of keyword research.

What we’re looking for is a list of search terms that have high search volume and low competition. You still do want some amount of healthy competition because that is a good indicator of the market’s profitability. It means there are BUYERS in that niche.

The best place to start is Google’s Keyword Tool:

Now take your niche idea(s) and and think about what kind of keywords people would be typing in to Google Search. Think about what words in particular have to do with problems or solutions in that niche.

For example, if I was making a blog on ‘raw food diets’ I would type in things like:

Next, enter these into Google’s Keyword Tool:


So as you can see by the search results this is a popular niche!

However don’t worry too much about competition, because you’ve now narrowed your main niche (e.g. health and fitness) down to a sub-niche (e.g. raw food diets).

Now, make a note of the best keywords you can find that have both high search terms and are highly relevant because later on you’ll need to try and incorporate them into the titles and content of your blog posts so you can benefit from SEO.

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