Monetizing Your Autoblogs

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There are many different ways to effectively monetize your autoblogs, and depending on the amount of content available in your niche, you will want to balance out the number of ads so that visitors’ aren’t overwhelmed when they enter your site.

You never want advertisements to interfere with their experience; otherwise it’s unlikely that they’ll return.

Non-aggressive ad campaigns may include 3 blocks of Adsense advertisements featured throughout your autoblog.

You could integrate one ad block to appear within each article content, one block to appear in the top navigation menu of your template so that it’s visible on each page, and a final ad block to appear in the footer area of your content and website template.

Play around with different ad block sizes, colors and placement so that you can maximize performance.

One popular method of monetizing autoblogs is to feature different affiliate products throughout the content.

With autoblogging plugins like WP Robot, you can instantly monetize your blog with a combination of affiliate programs, including ads (and widgets) and

If you are creating an autoblogging system on your own, you will want to set up a permanent advertising system, so that rather than advertisements appearing inside of content updates where you’d be required to manually insert links and banners, you can feature advertisements along the side bar of your WordPress template, as well as within the header and footer areas.

Another easy way to monetize your autoblogs with Amazon widgets and astore plugins. You can manually choose products that compliment your content, or if using WP Robot, you can automate the process of product selection by pre-selecting categories in which to pull and publish products.

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