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Your blog is ready but empty. A site without content is useless so we need to add regularly content. With this simple toothpick example you will understand the concept to create new ideas and topics for your next post. Adapt the following list to your niche and options are endless to create something to blog about.

What to blog About? Great IdeasĀ for your next Post

Not to seem more talkative than efficient, let’s examine a case of a toothpick. Here is what can be written about tooth picks:

But why the tooth pick content example?

No, I do not have a tooth pick factory or an online store. I have chosen a toothpick to show that one can think up of a lot of content about anything, even about such a common, undescriptive thing as a tooth pick. And I don’t want to rank for any “tooth picks” as well (though it might be amusing of course).


What are your tactics to get an idea for your next blog post? I`m looking forward to your comments.

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