Convert your 404 Error Traffic

How to Improve your 404 Page Template

Published by Gerald Kuehn on

How does your 404 error page look like? Are you using the default WordPress 404 error page “This is embarrassing….we can’t find what you’re looking for, etc”? Why not take advantage of your error traffic?

I`ve recently discovered a great way to monetize it and also give your visitors some options how to proceed.

Convert your 404 Traffic

Every marketer should run an email list. So why not place a free offer on your 404 error page and grab another email? If you check your website stats every now and then a visitor ends up on a “page not found” link. You can create a 404.php template in your WordPress theme directory and use custom html code. Simply place a great landing squeeze page on it.

Something like: Sorry, seems like there is an error on this website. The requested page cannot be found. To apologize I`d like to give you a free offer: [your cool product topic]. You get the idea.

This is a great way to convert 404 error traffic. Below the signup form you can also give further options. Here are a few tips and tricks – do not use all options and focus on maby 1-3 options. (i.e. signup form; homepage link; searchbox. That pretty much should do the trick to prevent a bouncing visitor.


 Tips for your 404 Error Page


Please leave a comment if you got more ideas and tricks how to make the most out of a 404 page.

4 responses to “Convert your 404 Error Traffic
  1. Hi Gerald,
    This is a helpful suggestion. Instead of neglecting the 404 error page we can now leverage on it to drive traffic. I read something like this sometimes ago in John Chow’s blog when he was discussing Lead Pages.

    I agree with your tips and it would be cool to put them into practice!
    I shared this comment in where I found this post shared.

    1. You`re right – I got that tip from a webinar from leadpages-net featuring John Chow where he mentioned it alongside.
      Though I haven`t put it into practice myself but I`m adding new features to my site daily and it`s on my to-do list for this week.

  2. Hello Gerald!

    404 error is one of the most hated things over the internet. But revealing to know that we can convert 404 Error isn’t traffic! Like it’s an amazing thing, giving internet people a hope to have a positive result even the an error occurs.

    Tips for your 404 Error Page are a roundup of interesting tips we can try. The suggested tips are cool and smart! Thanks for the information! Reading this article isn’t a waste of time.

    This will encourage readers to think smart, creative and give readers/visitors a satisfaction.

    Lastly, I want to welcome you here in! Great article!

    1. Hi Metz,
      thanks for your comment. Glad you got some use for the ideas. Thinking outside the box is difficult if you’re used to daily tasks but it is worth a try if you got something in mind which does not follow the default path.

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