Essential things to know about list building

Published by Gerald Kuehn on

1. Don’t depend entirely on SEO traffic, to build your list. For two main reasons
SEO traffic is low-quality: it converts worse, opts in less, and buys less often, than traffic from almost any other source (I suspect this is a “little secret” unknown to many people whose measurable, analyzable quantities of traffic have only ever come from SEO!)
as so many People have been discovering over the last year – some of them to their very great cost, with all the Panda updates and other changes going on – a business that depends on Google for its primary traffic is only ever going to be one algorithm-change away from a potential accident (or even a potential disaster)
2. Don’t assume that the biggest list necessarily equates with the biggest income: this can easily be untrue, and often is, and there are good and valid and reliable reasons for that.

3. Don’t assume that a squeeze page is the only way to build a list. It isn’t. It’s often not the best way (after all the lengthy split-testing I’ve done in separate, unrelated niches, I stopped using squeeze pages for list-building altogether when I eventually worked out what they were costing me – and it was far from easy to work out).

How well you do, financially, in the long term, from list-building, is fundamentally about “a process of continuity”. Personally, after all the testing I could be bothered to do, in a few different niches, without getting significant unsubscriptions and so on just from “testing”, I now send email on days 1, 3, 6, 10 and 15 and thereafter at 5/6-day intervals (never 7-day intervals, because of the “same day of the week” problem).

I think many of the most worthwhile ways of keeping people on your list (as well as keeping them opening and reading your emails) relate to things you need to do before people opt-in, not after. It’s about setting expectations, establishing reliability and credibility, and earning people’s trust.

These things all vary according to the traffic demographics, the opt-in incentive and maybe even the niche, too.


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