Ninja Tricks to Write Killer Headlines

Follow this proven concept to boost your CTR

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Google loves headlines – the meta title is an important ranking factor for a reason. It`s important to know how to write compelling headlines. Shared posts only show the headline and maby an image. It`s your only chance to grab the audience attention. Put some time into that part. Email marketers are split testing different headlines all day to increase open rates. Headlines are the ultimate challenge in marketing. Read through my tips your next post will get a lot more buzz:


5 Mistakes we all made and avoid now:

Those 5 things are easy to follow but at least one aspect will apply to nearly every headline we have written.  Improve as much as possible.


Great headlines that are proven to work

It`s always a word switching brainstorm with [goal] [benefit] [timeframe]

Following this concept:


Those are pretty agressive marketing headlines. Take care that your visitor does not get the feeling that he clicked on a spam link. If it screams “I`m an advertisment” you already lost. Focus your headline on the actual content – The best headlines won`t work if the post content is unrelated.


Let`s look at a few proven headlines from the health/fitness  niche – read through it and you quickly get a feeling how it`s done:


99 BONUS headlines

Here are 99 best selling headlines – Each with an intentional and psychological analysis:


Psychological Headline Strategies

Follow one or more strategies when writing your headline. Focus as much as possible on those attributes.

Surprise – How to – Question – Curiosity – Negatives – Audience Referencing – Numbers – Specificity


Ninja trick to learn from experts

Another great way to find good headlines is your local newspaper kiosk. A magazine only has this one chance to sell. If the headlines is weak sales go down. There are marketing pro`s brainstorming and spending hours to create a killer headline that sells the latest issue. Where else can we get high-end expert input for free? Keep that in mind next time you buy a magazine and adapt it to your next post.


External follow up articles:


How much time do you spend to create great headlines? What are your tricks to write great headlines? Leave a comment – I`m looking forward to your input.

4 responses to “Ninja Tricks to Write Killer Headlines
  1. TItles and Sub-headings really are the make or break factor for your article. No matter how good your article is, if it does not have an attractive title the game is over before it even started.

    So make sure you craft compelling and eye catching headlines for your articles. Thanks for writing :)
    I came from kingged dot com by the way xD

  2. Good tips Gerald. I use magazines to further learn copywriting. On the blog, I use Title Experiments Pro so I can test variations. It’s pretty effective :)

    1. Hi Dennis,
      thanks for the tip about title experiments pro – never heard of it so far but that looks really interesting. Just put it on my review to-do list

  3. Nice work shared you in this post, it’s time to change and grow online business. Thanks and I hope next awesome features from your time.

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