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Everybody knows Fiverr and I am always looking for alternatives to outsource.

The problem with Fiverr is the limitation to $5. You cannot get a solid deal for $5 and get something outstanding with a $10\$20 bonus sale.  You get what you pay for. Getting a million hits to your website may sound great but you know what – it`s only useless bot traffic which does nothing except hitting your website’s IP to appear in your stats.


I cam across http://www.seoclerks.com a while ago. This site is the marketplace to outsource online marketing related tasks. Providers are not limited to any fixed prices. Charge $1 or $100.

There are also some shady traffic\backlink deals for $3 but just think about it if you would be able to do that for that price. No? Be alerted.

Seoclerks runs with this headline:

Welcome to the largest SEO marketplace on the planet. Browse through thousands of SEO providers offering thousands of Affordable SEO services under the market average. Need something specific? Use our WTB or WTT sections to hire or trade with another expert.

Offered Outsource Marketing Tasks

There is someone for everything a webmaster requires. The menu structure is straight to the point and you find interesting offers within 30 seconds. Here is a rough overview:

  • Blackhat\whitehat SEO
  • Linkbuilding \ linkwheels / link pyramids etc.
  • blackhat tools xrumer \ SEnukeX
  • solo ads \ body ads
  • all kind of traffic generation \ selling
  • forum signatures + posting
  • article writing \ translation
  • directory submissions \ press releases
  • proxies
  • server
  • webhosting / web 2.0 sites
  • data entry
  • graphics \ programming
  • account creation
  • social followers
  • paid reviews



You can load your account balance via creditcard, paypal, payza, bitcoins and solidtrustpay. Minimum transfer is $5.

Service listing can be sorted by date, views, bookmarks, price, total orders. The site handling is easy, design is clean and simple. Service providers are rated and you also see a estimated deliverytime for each offer. You can leave comments. There is also a community forum to find freelancers and build a long-term outsourcing partnership.

Seoclerks has an alexa rank of ~3500 and a lot of business is going on there.


Think before buying anything

A lot of blackhat stuff is offered. You should know what you are doing before buying any of those services. A massive link pyramid with auto-generated 10.000 links can harm your site. This marketplace is a bit gray-hat with SEO. Buying 10.000.000 hits to your website for $10 is just too good to be true and you can only expect low quality bot traffic here. So think before you buy anything if this is a realistic offer and remember:

You get what you pay for! There are higher priced items around $50-$70. I`ll test a few the next weeks and will update this post when I got results.


Test SEO providers

Before using backlinking services to your moneysite you should do a test with an external hosted article or video where you can access statistics. Take care when ordering some kind of linkpyramid directly to your moneysite. It may harm your ranking in the long run and those seo strategies can damage your SE reputation. SEO is a tricky game and you won`t win anything with a $8 service without having an overall master plan.


Outsourcing is a lot about trust and professionality. Especially in the low-budget (less than $10) market are many service providers in for a quick buck selling useless stuff so if you want to find serious partners for long term relationship you need to spend some money which may be a loss at first but when you’ve found a reliable partner who offers a good service you got a beneficial source to grow your business.

http://www.seoclerks.com is a good alternative to fiverr and a great spot for marketing oursourcing. There are many good deals but also a few very shady offers. It`s up to your own SEO/marketing strategy which offer fits your needs. If you are tired of overhyped gigs at fiverr and need more specific work done seoclerks is worth a check.

Now signup for free and get an account.



2 responses to “Outsource Marketing – Take Advantage of Seoclerks
  1. I am fan of alternatives. Its good to learn of alternative outsourcing services. SEOCLERKS seems to be gaining traction of recent. I am just wondering if its services are better than Fiverr. Just thinking aloud! :D

    I shared this comment in kingged.com.

    1. Hey Sunday,
      thanks for your comment.
      Many Service providers use both plattforms. As far as I know fiverr does not use any kind of exclusivity bonus so why shouldn`t somebody take advantage of both marketplaces’ traffic.

      seoclerks is focused on in-depth marketing stuff and I don`t have to scroll through 100 gigs like “I will hold a sign with your URL wearing this stupid bunny costume…”
      But as I mentioned in my post – take care with the black-hat offers.

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