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Lesson #1 – find a Niche Market

Series - Part 1 of 7

f you follow my guide closely you should be able to make your first online money within 15-45 days. Back in 2006 my first sale was $14,97 and believe me – it’s amazing to see your first $500 checks rolling in. I cannot guarantee your success and if anybody does so he’s simply lying. YOU

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Micro Niche Finder Review

Micro Niche Finder Review Screenshot MAIN FEATURES – What should I do with Micro Niche Finder? Micro Niche Finder (MNF) is often seen as a keyword research tool. I do not agree with that. It returns no domain/page authority infos and misses many more seo related factors. The real point is narrowing down to a niche with

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Software Screenshot   Google Ranking Checker with Rankerizer – Review Rankerizer is a small program which keeps track of your website rankings. This little gem is a great program which isn’t bloated with all kind of seo stuff. It`s easy to setup. Does not need any explanations and once setup it`s doing its job in

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Niche Finder Review

  Software Screenshot   Niche Finder is a keyword research tool by Brad Callen released back in 2011. Today in version v.1.3. – with over 400 updates Brad does a good job on keeping his software playing nice with google’s keyword research tool. What can Niche Finder do for me? Input your niche i.e. “weight loss” and

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Free Traffic – Question and Answer Sites

Series - Part 13 of 13

Today, millions of people are using answer sites to find solutions to their problems. Many of these people are potential buyers. So the goal is to use these websites to drive targeted traffic to your site by answering some questions on these sites. By properly funneling this traffic directly to your sales pages, you can generate a steady

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Free Traffic – Video Marketing

Series - Part 12 of 13

Studies have shown that video sites have the power to convert as high as 30%! That’s phenomenal when you consider that standard websites typically convert at only 2-3%. Read my related article Why you should do Video Marketing with more stats and reasons to take advantage of video plattforms. Video Marketing Online Guide: Step 1:

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Free Traffic – Community Interest Group

Series - Part 11 of 13

We will work with these Community Interest Groups: Google groups:! Yahoo Groups: LinkedIn Groups: Facebook groups:   All work in a similar way as online forums. These days you can easily find groups in almost all possible niches. Some of these groups are small while others are quite big comprising of thousands of

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Free Traffic – Guestpost

Series - Part 4 of 13

What is a Guest Post? Guest posting (posting articles on related blogs) is an easy way to get more traffic to your website and the traffic can be instant if done well. For best results to get free guest post traffic: For best results when doing guest posting, only submit your article to sites that

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30+ Traffic Sources

Series - Part 2 of 13

Getting traffic for your website is one of the most crucial task for a successful online business. This is a short overview of various ways to get visitors. Once you understood every method and actively tested each you should be able to pull thousands of visitors to your site. It takes time and hard work but

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