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Cost-value ratio


    Product Value


      Newbie friendly




          Support / Updates



            • - Generates very targeted traffic
            • - Your social activities in one place
            • - Regularly updated
            • - Get related backlinks on the fly
            • - Automated account creation and multiple profile handling


            • - with $199 not the cheapest deal
            • - Resource hungry
            • - Proxies are required for heavy usage
            • - You cannot add streams yourself
            • - hidden maintenance fee after 6 months

            There`s a lot of hype recently about Link-Assistant’s (SEO powersuite, Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass) new tool: BUZZBUNDLE

            Time for a closer look if it`s really that great. I spend a few weeks now playing around with that software so let`s get started with the Buzzbundle Review:


            Why BuzzBundle?

            Social media gets more important every day – Google uses your content’s social sharing activity as a raking factor. Facebook Twitter Google+ are dominating the streams and new plattforms popup daily focused on community networking.

            For webmasters it’s getting time consuming to keep track of their own brand and related keywords they got something to say about. And here is the point where buzzbundle starts to jump in:

            Imagine you would have a dedicated person for each stream who only takes care of finding related posts, communicating your content, helping out where possible and interacts with your target audience.

            Buzzbundle brings all those streams together into one place.

            You enter a keyword and buzzbundle collects posts which contain your keywords – categorized by plattform.


            BuzzBundle monitors these streams:

            • Social: Google+, Twitter, facebook, linkedIn – (XING and Orkut are coming soon)
            • Blogs: 200 million blogs are scanned
            • Forums: millions of boards are searched
            • Q&A Sites: Yahoo answer only, (Quora and will be added soon)
            • Video Sites: Youtube only


            The initial scan takes a few minutes but you will see highly targeted posts and can interact right away.

            During installation you add your social profiles with username and passwords + create a profile. These profile infos are used when buzzbundle automatically registers a forum or blog account for you. So yes – automatic account creation is included. You don`t need to copy and paste user details anymore. Just click “comment” and the software takes care of the rest.


            BuzzBundle Screenshots



            Who needs Buzzbundle?

            If you got an online brand / product  and / or run a informational blog / website which needs targeted traffic – buzzbundle is your secret weapon.

            • You own a product or ebook? – If it gets mentioned somewhere you will find it and can give support right away. (also a great way to find illegal copies of your property)
            • You create content online? – send a link to the right person. If somebody is asking for a dog training guide on twitter (maby in a forum or anywhere else) you can instantly reply and add your link. Targeted traffic is guaranteed.
            • You are the social media manager for a company? – Buzzbundle is THE tool for you.

            Big companies like Microsoft, Audi, amazon, Disney, HP, TOSHIBA are using it to get every word that is posted online about their brands.


            Generally I did not really do much on social plattforms – it takes too long to find good posts to comment on and registering for leaving a quick comment is not an option. Buzzbundle’s easy handling pushed me into a social networker. It`s great to see the results and with everything on one screen you can drop all other windows and work a few hours in buzzbundle.


            Why is Buzzbundle better than other software?

            You do not need 4 different tools i.e. one to automatically create accounts, another shows only twitter feeds, the next switches profiles. It`s all brought together into one piece of software. At the time of writing there is no competitor which can offer similar coverage of streams.

            You can create up to 100 different personas each with unique accounts. A nifty blackhatter with a few proxies would start a fake communication and completely dominate a thread or tweet…


            Alternative Tools

            • Tweetdeck  – it`s great to manage twitter but it`s not supporting forums, youtube and Google+
            • Buffer – Buffer is a decent tool for social posting, but it lacks tracking and replying to brand mentions, monitor posts and messages and a built-in browser.
            • HootSuite  – HootSuite is also powerful but has no opportunity to use yahoo! answers and forum streams.


            $199 for a social media software – are you insane?

            I felt the same. Buzzbundle is expensive compared to other social media software which is something at $100. They know that this software is a leader with no competition and can put any price tag on it.

            However it really works great and it`s YOUR time to be saved. It`s a one-time fee but requires a maintenance subscription after 6 months. This maintenance fee is not easy to find on the promo page so yes – it`s a fine-print. To give a honest review I will never hide any facts (no other review revealed the maintenance fee!)

            • 6 months – $34.95 ($5.83 per month)
            • 12 months – $49.95
            • 24 months – $79.95
            • 36 months – $109.95 (3 years for $3 per month)

            Buzzbundle depends on other websites. facebook and Google+ change their interfaces regularly and every software which grabs data from these sites needs to be adjusted. The price is ok for keeping the software working properly. I`d rather pay a maintenance fee than having a tool which does not work after a few months and is not updated.


            Do I require proxies?

            If you only target one keyword you can do that with your own IP. If you add more keywords (10+) you should consider buying a few private proxies to handle the google queries buzzbundle needs. It`s also much faster with proxy rotation to gather all posts. I`m using 10 semi dedicated IPs from ($10 / month)


            PRO / CONTRA


            • + An easy to handle all-in-one traffic geneation tool which can send thousands of visitors to your site
            • + Quickly target your audience on the biggest networks
            • + switch profiles easily and work on different projects
            • + The more you use the software, the more visitors your website will have


            • - you cannot add streams yourself – if you would like to monitor dailymotion or myvideo in example you won`t get into that with buzzfinder till the programers added it.
            • - Expensive software:$199 initial purchase + $35 after 6 months + $10\month for proxies quickly adds up
            • - sofware based


            What to expect in the future?

            Link Assistant is a well known brand in the SEO software business. This is a professional company which sold thousand of copies and work all day to update / improve and support their tools. Buzzbundle is their latest flagship. You can submit your stream request and vote for new additions. I hope to see more streams are added soon.


            Testimonials – What others say:

            • Matthew Woodward: “Buzzbundle monitors blogs, forums and social networks for search terms and allows you to engage people directly. I have used this approach to grow traffic to the blog with great success and Buzzbundle provides an easy to use interface.”
            • Neil from “This has to be my all time favorite traffic generation tool and I do not even have to rely on the ever changing Google algorithms to do it!”
            • Chris Dyson – “BuzzBundle is one of the most intuitive tools available for monitoring a web campaign and expanding the presence of your online brand.”


             I want to test it – give me a demo!

            There is a free demo available. Day 1-15 shows 70% of streams, after day 15 you only see 30%.

            Download it by clicking the link below and try it yourself. With 70% of streams you can already do something nice and get a feeling how it works.




            • Cost-value ratio - $199 to get it for 6 months, then another $35 for 6 months updates is not really a cheap deal. (money back guarantee available for 30 days)
            • Product Value - the more you use it, the more visitors you will get – they are highly targeted and convert much better than regular traffic.
            • Newbie friendly - Add keywords, enter your account details and let buzzbundle find the content. A nice interface and easy handling make it a pleasure to work with it.
            • Documentation - FAQ, knowledgebase, video tutorials, user manuals, install instructions. What else do you need?
            • Support / Updates - Forum (english, german, french, russian, dutch) and email ticket support is available. Software updates are automatically downloaded and integrated along the way just leaving a small notice. No further action required.
            • Technical Info – it`s working with Java Platform SE – Available for PC, MAC, Linux – Downloadsize: 100MB


            Buzzbundles already went into my autostart and I spend 1-2h per day with it to connect and share content in my niches. You can get 1000 and more uniques after a few days actively using it. Sure you can do that manually but the interface is pretty easy and comfortable to work with. Thus you manage all your traffic out of this program. It saves time by automatically creating accounts where required. You will find your target audience much faster than surfing through each stream\plattform through your browser manually. If you need to manage multiple profiles buzzbundle let’s you switch profiles with one click.

            Schedule posts on all social plattforms and take a day off or spy on your competition’s audience and jump in the conversation to steal some traffic.


             If you can afford it – buy it now! It saves your time. With Buzzbundle you generate traffic, increase your social shares and build backlinks from various related pages. What else can you do to skyrocket your leads?


            2 responses to “Buzzbundle Review
            1. Read Abdul`s BuzzBundle review

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              Product Value


              Newbie friendly




              Support / Updates


              Hi Gerald,You have done a great job at reviewing buzzbundle.Thanks for your comment on my blog.

            2. Read Philip Kleudgen`s BuzzBundle review

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              Product Value


              Newbie friendly




              Support / Updates


              Nice review and I really appreciate you doing an honest rating of the tool.

              Great idea to do a collection of reviews by the way. This helps other people to decide if it’s really worth the money or not.

              In my case I bought it and I love it, I think it’s a bit on the expensive side though.

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