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Magic YouTube Xtractor

Magic YouTube Xtractor

Cost-value ratio


    Product Value


      Newbie friendly




          Support / Updates



            • - Youtube Competition factor
            • - lifetime updates
            • - Easy to handle
            • - Excel export options


            • - Limited Features
            • - expensive for a small tool
            • - only works on PC

            Youtube gets 1 billion visitors every month. 100h of video are uploaded every minute. It is the second most popular search engine. Thousands of channels makes six-figures per year by monetizing their videos. If you followed my “how to make money on youtube” guide you already know a lot about profitable niches and keywords. With Youtube Xtractor you get a handy tool which helps you to check the video competition for your targeted keywords.

            Youtube Xtractor Review – The main features


            This software helps you to find low competition keywords. It`s pretty easy to handle and you only need an google adwords account to get started.

            1. Enter your main keyword and let google keyword Planer return 800 results showing monthly search volume and adwords cost per click
            2. Click on “Get competition” and Youtube Xtractor finds competing videos for each keyword term.

            The best thing about youtube Xtractor is the competition factor. The numbers in that column mean that you got i.e. 45 other videos which try to rank for that keyword. Having 0 or 1 is a winner. Your video should be in top10 right away. A high paying adwords niche with a lot of search volume and the right affiliate offer will make you money quite instantly.

            Once google keyword planer returned the results you can analyze the top 5 videos for each keyword.


            If you double click on a keyword term this window will open and reveal more info on the top5 videos. Engagement is one of the major ranking factors for youtube so it’s pretty useful to have these infos.xtractor-screenshot2


            Software Quality:

            After playing around with it for an hour I cannot say anything bad about the program. It didn`t crash, all features work as expected. Only minor aspect is the design and layout quality which could look a bit more professional.

            Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/Vista.



            So far there is only TubeSniperPro – I`ll review that soon.

            For the keyword volume and adwords stats you can simply use google’s keyword Planer


            Bonus Content

            With the software you also get a some bonus content.

            • How to create converting videos
            • on page optimization on youtube (all covered in my youtube seo guide here)
            • Using magic submitter to get backlinks
            • Local marketing strategies
            • Youtube Xtractor Mind Map
            • + a few more marketing reports etc.


            Magic Youtube Xtractor is a great piece of software if you are working daily on youtube creating new videos. It`s easy to handle and quick returns low competition keywords.

            I`m missing a few more SEO details like backlinks and google video rankings in top10 but with the great competition feature this is a useful software.

            With $97 onetime fee and lifetime updates it’s a bit pricy for a small tool like youtube Xtractor. Don`t believe the hype that you’re getting stuff with Total Value: $1925 – this is just shady marketing bullshit. Why would someone price access to a facebook group with $197?!

            Though I can recommend this software as the competition feature is worth a lot of money. If you hit a top ranking with a good affiliate offer and high search volumes you will make your $97 back in no time.

            If you don’t like the tool there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. Give it a try, see if you can rank a few videos.


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