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Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder

Cost-value ratio


    Product value


      Newbie friendly




          Support / Updates



            • - One time fee
            • - regular updates forever
            • - in depth research possibilities
            • - great tool to think outside the box
            • - easy competiton research


            • - mass check can take hours
            • - you need to get a feeling for the numbers (SOC) to judge
            • - Having so many options may be confusing when starting with MNF
            • - Requires PC/MAC enviroment

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            MAIN FEATURES – What should I do with Micro Niche Finder?

            Micro Niche Finder (MNF) is often seen as a keyword research tool. I do not agree with that. It returns no domain/page authority infos and misses many more seo related factors.

            The real point is narrowing down to a niche with low competition. Click the ‘Brainstorm’ or ‘Hot Trend’ button and you will get 800 terms. With MNF you can

            1. research the term – “what’s this?” opens google looking for: what is a “your keyword”)
            2. get search volumes and trends
            3. get a ranking difficulty indicator
            4. amount of backlinks required to play in top10
            5. adwords costs + adwords competition
            6. find available domains with your keyword
            7. one click to find matching affiliate offers, domain lookups, ebay offers, google trends, amazon products etc.


            That`s oldschool stuff – I`ve seen this years ago!

            MicroNicheFinder has initially been released back in 2009. Online Marketing Software is changing regularly so this software could be oldschool you might think? Google’s keyword tool (keyword planer) is around for years too but it is used more than ever. FREE lifetime updates and regular updates from the software coders are the reason why it will never get old.


            Is this software for you?

            • Micro Niche Finder is targeted to niche webmaster. If you are flipping websites MNF is a must-have.
            • If you build Adsense websites you can quickly check the potential revenue with the keywords ad-costs column.
            • Domain brokers will have fun with it too. You can connect your Protrada account and check domains. Find Type-in-keywords easily.
            • Affiliate Marketers looking for new products and niches.
            • Create niche market private label rights packages and sell these for a profit.


            Ninja tricks for Micro Niche Finder

            • Brainstorm \ find hot trend niches: brainstorm can be a terrific source for additional keywords using the dig functionality and LSI search.
            • Find keywords by entering your competitors URL – see what your competitor ranks for
            • check “show adult ideas” (if that is a niche for you) and be a step ahead of adult webmasters (most don’t know about MNF)

            There are 500 more things we can do with micro niche finder. I`ll prepare an in-depth tutorial soon.


            Practical Demo

            Let`s say our niche is “dog training” (yes I know – boring example) MNF returns 800 results related to “dog training”. To rank in that niche due to competition we need to go down to low-traffic keywords with 150-300 searches per month. Competition is strong in this area. (Maby because all keyword tutorials use “dog training” as an example haha)

            So let’s drop that and use “Hovercrafts” instead – we know nothing about hovercrafts but let’s look into it. “hovercraft for sale” gets 6,600 searches a month. Adwords competition is very high but strength of competition for organic ranking is low. BOOM we got a sub niche.

            “How to make a hovercraft” is a winner project with next to no competition. 160,000 exact phrase counts; inurl count: 69 sites. 200 backlinks required.  and 2000 searches\month. Adsense pays nothing but why not create a how-to guide and sell it on howtomakeahovercraft.com? Ok the domain looks ugly but hey it`s available and an exact keyword match.

            All these infos can be collected with micro niche finder within a few minutes.


             Alternatives to Micro Niche Finder

            • $97 – Niche Finder Review – less options but similar to MNF more targeted for newbies and intermediate marketers
            • manual research via google’s keyword tools
            • Jaaxy - online tool $19/month


            Is MNF worth the money?

            I say YES. Micro Niche Finder is running at least once a week for various terms on my computer. I`m working with it for years now. It`s the most complete tool in that area and used by many marketers. With the one-time payment + lifetime updates it`s a great deal and pays itself within weeks if you take advantage of the data. It does not print money on its own but if you actively use it you should quickly find profitable niches.

            The documentation is excellent. There are training videos (total of 1h), a knowledgebase, ticket support and an up-to-date 126 pages doc PDF. The software runs rock stable. It`s current version is 5.7.46 (oct.2014)

            This tool is not developed to make a quick buck and die after a few months. Keeping it working and supported is a lot of work which speaks for a monthly payment but you only have to pay it one time and get updates for life. Thank you mr. Jones.


            Technical software details

            • “Measure of Backlinks” (MOB) score is supplied by Majestic SEO
            • Domain infos are pulled from Protrada
            • Keyword stats are pulled from adwords keyword planer
            • auto updater
            • 15MB download size
            • adwords login required to retrieve adcosts
            • cleanup wizard removes old database entries


            What is included:

            • Micro Niche Finder Software
            • Lifetime Updates
            • Additional License For Second Computer
            • One Year Support
            • Bonus: The Newbie Workbook
            • Bonus: Adsense Page Generator Tool
            • Bonus: Fast PLR Profits eBook


            Rating Conclusion

            Cost-value ratio – Micro Niche Finder is an awesome deal for $97 one-time payment. I work with it since 2012 and it`s still a very popular product. I`m glad that there`s no monthly subscription because that would have cost me already a few hundred dollars.
            Product value – Micro Niche Finder has a fixed spot in my computer’s autostart list. With the filters and options you can spend a lot of time digging deep into a niche and find real untapped treasures…
            Newbie friendly – MNF is targeted for advanced researcher. Though a newbie can easily use the software it takes some time and experience to know which keywords have a value.
            Documentation – User manual is available in PDF format with 126 (!!) pages. It only misses a quick-start guide. UPDATE: a ‘getting started wizard’ has been added which guides you through the first setup.
            Support / Updates – New features are added regularly. Ticket support is available and responds within 24h. You also get training videos and a knowledgebase


            Micro Niche Finder is a killer tool – a swiss knife for every serious online marketer – OnlineJobReviews TOP RATED badge well deserved.

            3 responses to “Micro Niche Finder Review
            1. Read John`s Micro Niche Finder review

              Cost-value ratio


              Product value


              Newbie friendly




              Support / Updates


              I found this tool to be just okay. I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy, which is one I highly recommend. I’m loving this site btw!

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              Cost-value ratio


              Product value


              Newbie friendly




              Support / Updates


              I also have reviewed Micro Nice Finder myself and find it to be a very useful research tool. It also features a lot of options.

            3. Read Steen Rasmussen`s Micro Niche Finder review

              Hi Gerald really good review of the MNF as you know, I have even looked at it and tested it and I must say that it is one of the best tools I’ve tried.
              But unfortunately it is a software and I prefer an online tool that I can use and be comfortable on my mobile

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