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Niche Finder

Niche Finder

Cost-value ratio


    Product value


      Newbie friendly




          Support / Updates



            • - easy handling
            • - main keyword factors in one sheet
            • - export feature for further research
            • - proxy support
            • - One time payment


            • - with $97 too expensive
            • - search process takes 20-30 seconds
            • - domain check does not work


            Software Screenshot

            niche finder review


            Niche Finder is a keyword research tool by Brad Callen released back in 2011. Today in version v.1.3. – with over 400 updates Brad does a good job on keeping his software playing nice with google’s keyword research tool.

            What can Niche Finder do for me?

            Input your niche i.e. “weight loss” and niche finder returns the top 30-50 keywords ranked by several factors:

            • Difficulty (1-100 – the lower the better)
            • Monthly Searches
            • Results (returning pages in google)
            • Cost per Click (adwords)
            • Average Links
            • Domain check (.com, .net, .org)

            With these factors you can find a subniche\microniche and compare by searchvolume and competition. Niche finder is a quick and easy way to research a keyword and get the most important facts with one click.

            More details:

            • right click on any keyword and “Generate Long Tail” – this puts the selected keyword into the search box and runs another query for that term.
            • Copy all columns and import them into your spreadsheet with two clicks or simply export data to html or csv.
            • Projects can be saved.
            • Help and support is available through a documentation pdf or brad’s ticket support center
            • Refund is available within 8 weeks.


            While we are on a keyword research topic – check out – a free website which will create long tail keywords. Not comparable with niche finder but if you want a quick freebie – here it is


            Bonus Feature: domain availability check

            Niche finder also gives you the option to run an automatic domain check. New domains and also aged domains are checked using a third-party service named Protrada –  a domain exchange plattform. You can signup for free here – a free account is required to check domain availability.

            That`s a pretty great idea to check domain availability but in my test for “weight loss” it completely failed. According to niche finder I am able to register (BUY NOW is forwarded to Namecheap or when selected optionally to Godaddy with affiliate commission for Brad)

   went into my shopping cart but registration failed. Surprise surprise! If niche finder would be able to register domains which are gone since 1998 and in mid $xx,xxx range that tool would be a real bargain.

            I signed up with Protrada but since I am no domain guru I cannot say much about that plattform. Looks like a great sell\resell\buy concept to me though.


            Is my adwords login secure?

            Niche finder requires you to enter your adwords login. Your login is locally saved on your computer and not submitted to a third party server (except google). Stay away from cracked versions of niche finder where your login may be sent to a shady blackhat server. The tool requires admin permissions to work properly on my computer.


            Who needs Niche Finder?

            Niche finder is targeted to newbies and intermediate online marketers. A SEO professional will be disappointed due to the lack of in-depth numbers. If you build niche websites and want to have a quick look into that niche and its searchvolume\competition niche finder does a good job. See the screenshot and decide if those numbers are of any use for you.


            Program Details

            • available in english and german
            • proxy support
            • first released in 2011
            • installer size: 2MB
            • Niche finder is used by more than 6000 people


            Alternatives to Niche Finder


            Rating Conclusion

            Cost-value ratio – with $97 it’s pretty expensive for a small tool. With the limited complexity a price tag of $25-30 would be a fair deal.
            Product value – I use niche finder for a quick keyword check when researching a specific niche. It`s ok to find subniches and get an overall picture of the traffic volume and competition. That`s it pretty much.
            Newbie friendly – very easy to handle.  Enter your keyword and get results to compare.
            Documentation – the pdf describes on a few pages every option. Easy to follow though there could be more in-depth infos about it`s calculation of ranking difficulty.
            Support / Updates – Support is available via email. There are a few problems every now and then when google changes things but it is updated regularly since 2011


            Overall I`m a bit disappointed by Niche Finder. It`s too rudimentary for my needs so I rarely use it. My personal preference is Micro Niche Finder which works similar but gives 300% more infos and numbers. Micro Niche Finder + Niche Finder is a good team but both cost $97 so I would definitely go with Micro Niche Finder if I had to decide.

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