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            • - It`s free
            • - newbie friendly
            • - unlimited keywords + projects
            • - also tracks backlinks and pagerank
            • - history graphs


            • - slow with many keywords
            • - You need to enter an email

            Software Screenshot



            Google Ranking Checker with Rankerizer – Review

            Rankerizer is a small program which keeps track of your website rankings. This little gem is a great program which isn’t bloated with all kind of seo stuff. It`s easy to setup. Does not need any explanations and once setup it`s doing its job in the background – updating ranks once per day.

            How to use it

            1. Create a new Project by entering a project name and your domain.
            2. add keywords you want to track (unlimited; 1 per line)
            3. do a first run to check your positions
            4. set and forget
            5. open in a week and check position changes
            6. export to csv if required for further seo analytics


            Rankerizer Features:

            • Proxy support
            • set “search depth agressiveness (10,20,50,100)
            • set delay between searches in miliseconds
            • enable page rank checker
            • set country for search engines
            • track google, yahoo, bing
            • history graph for each keyword tracking position and backlinks count
            • compare your ranking between the 3 searchengines
            • export to *.csv
            • get pagerank for each page


            It took me a while to find a great tool which is free and does not more than track positions and backlinks. With the graphical history you can see your improvements easily for each keyword. Pagerank has been disabled in my screenshot (thus showing 0) but it`s a checkbox within the settings panel to enable that.

            Rankerizer runs in the background and checks your position once a day for the current project.


             Alternatives to track your ranking

            Rankerizer is the only free software I´ve found. The market is huge and all other online or software solutions requires a paid subscription or either are online reports where every keywords needs to entered manually every time. Please leave a comment if you got any more free alternatives.


            Wait – you need to take a few barriers to get it for free:

            Brad needs to make money too so he can only give that software away for free if he gets your email and sends you a few upsales for $1 before you get to the download page. The email is required because you will receive a license key and I think you will get into his newsletter system. For all other offer-pages just scroll to the bottom where it says “no thanks – I want to download rankerizer” (or something like that)

            If some offer gets your attention I won`t prevent you from buying it. Brad is a well-known marketer so there shouldn’t be something wrong there. And if you like the software – why not spend $1 as some kind of donation. Let`s give Brad some targeted emails – you can subscribe anytime.

            Again: Rankerizer is free to use – you only need to click through the offer pages.

            You can also check out the demo video for a live preview.


            Other opinions

            Wow, this software is great!
            Wow, this software is great! It helped me to track hundreds of keywords and the checking speed is amazing, I never use a tracking software like this one, give me result in just minutes! I used to spend over $300+ every year just to get a similar software to work for me, now this software not only save me the money, it actually perform much much faster than my last favorite tracking software, I highly recommend to any SEO marketer!

            – Kok Choon

            Rating Conclusion

            Cost-value ratio – well. It`s free
            Product value – if you just want to track your position\backlinks it´s awesome. Don`t expect more.
            Newbie friendly – easy to configure, new project is ready in 30 seconds
            Documentation – If you need a documentation for rankerizer you shouldn’t run an online business ;)
            Support / Updates – I still have that version released in 2011. Support gets back to you in 24h.



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