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Authority Solo Ads




    Information value


      Cost-value ratio


        Newbie friendly


          Extras / Bonus Content



            • - A few links to solo ad providers
            • - The downloadable bonus content
            • - pre-made templates and email swipes


            • - missing caste-study for providers
            • - bad presentation (no screenshots, typos, only online)
            • - no in-depth info in the online guide

            RosaMissList released a WSO at warriorforum explaining Solo Ads and provides resources to build your own email marketing channel. Let’s see what it includes.



            You get a login which grants access to a mobile ready online page – divided into a few pages with total around 2000 words. No PDF is offered to download for your own reference. The design is visually not very entertaining and typograhpical layout could need some improvements. Not a single image or screenshot is added.

            Needed to grey out the actual content but this gives you an idea what you can expect in the member area:


            The Guide:

            ‘Authority Solo Ads’ is aiming for newbies but it is missing explanaitions for most aspects of email marketing in the online guide. There are only few in-depth infos. This solo-ad guide provides very general tips on squeeze pages, the overall concept of a good sales funnel is hidden in the bonus PDF- Sales Funnel Setup Instructions.pdf – Make sure to check that out.

            Sites are not hyperlinked, you need to research things yourself. It’s missing detailed infos a newbie requires. Split testing is just mentioned alongside and the 4 intropages are pretty useless.

            The downloadable resources and the solo-ad provider links are useful to get started. Facebook groups, some pages and skype IDs are listed. I hoped for some case study statistics but there are none.

            You get all tools required to start your very first email marketing site but it lacks expert tips why and how things are done. If you’ve done squeeze pages and solo ads before you won’t need the resources provided in this guide.


            Newbie Friendly

            If you have no idea about solo ads and list building you won’t get any further with the online guide. If you research the concept of list building yourself and use the included resources you could get a sale. Though if you spend hundreds of dollars on solo-ads it`s hard to make profit with only the infos provided here. It requires an in-depth knowledge about conversion ratios and how to optimize it.

            For experienced email marketers there’s nothing new in this guide. Your personal list of solo-ad providers might be much bigger and you have your own statistics already.



            The downloadable resources are giving way more value than the online guide. The only aspect which speaks for a paid product is the solo-ads provider list and the download content. Though I would expect at least some numbers of personal campaigns. Open rates? etc.



            If you have never built an optin landing page this offer provides the tools to get started – It`s not perfect and far away from a killer info guide but hey – for $7 you get something to play around with.

            If you dig into the bonus content the “Sales Funnel Setup Instructions.pdf” is worth a check. The HTML templates are a good start and you also get the PSD files. To get your feets wet with email marketing it’s worth the money.



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